An Lexatrade Review

This means that, no matter what the market’s liquidity or volatility is, Lexatrade spreads remain stable. As you can probably tell from our Lexatrade review so far, this broker provides you with a range of unique tools and conditions. These are all proprietary innovations, which have been created to enhance your trading experience. Below, we’ve listed some of the most important features you can benefit from. Apart from the above, the accounts don’t seem to differ that much at all.

Lexatrade offers fixed spreads, meaning the cost of a transaction remains the same no matter the market conditions (e.g. volatility or liquidity). Fixed spreads provide improved transparency behind trading activity costs, whilst also making trading more predictable. EUR/USD, but of course, is different for various instruments – e.g. Freeze Rate allows a trader to freeze live prices for a few seconds and carry out trades at that frozen price. When the price on the market shifts in the brief period, Lexatrade will execute your order placed at the frozen rate.

Its underlying technology lets you trade with limited risk and unlimited potential, without margin requirements. Easily accessible during the trading week, and we are satisfied with it. Phone support executives provide you with the best solution to your queries. Email support functions well but takes a little time to get back to you with relevant answers. Discover Series is a collection of engaging and informative videos about the most popular instruments and trading psychology.

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Well, it means that irrespective if the market moves below your stop loss, it will be executed. This gives you an extra piece of mind as you know that irrespective of how volatile the markets, you will be stopped out and your loss limited. Of course, leverage is a double-edged sword and you want to make sure that you have implemented the correct risk management procedures to limit potential downside potential.

Achieving perfection is always impossible as there always remains a little bit of room for a mistake. No matter how well a platform is, there are always some drawbacks for some users.

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Lexatrade also implements negative balance protection rules. This means you cannot lose more money than your current account balance, no matter how wildly the market fluctuates. Use easyTrade by selecting an asset, an expiry time that is one lexatrade scam hour by default , how much you wish to put at risk and whether you think the market will go up or down. Once you enter into a trade, you can then either close it ahead of time or it will automatically expire at the end of its time frame.

Review Of The Mobile Trading App By Lexatrade

This is essentially a free tool that lets the trader freeze the current market rate for 2-3 seconds. Hence, if you observe an important trading level and would like to execute it you can quickly freeze the rate before pulling the trigger. This is a feature that Lexatrade includes on their web platform that basically allows a trader to cancel a trade after it has been placed and executed.

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The most high profile of excluded countries is the USA, due to tax and legal reasons. There’s good news for traders north of the border, however, as Canadian clients are accepted. Lexatrade is headquartered in both Cyprus and Australia, giving it two strong bases at opposite ends of the world. Now in this Lexatrade Review, let’s take a look at how you can best contact the customer support team.


The lack of fees and ability to limit risk are two of the biggest selling points, not only for us but for their existing clients as well. So if you’re looking for a user-friendly platform to help you get into trading that also has room for growth, you need look no further than Lexatrade.

However, depending on the destination of the withdrawal, it may take between 3 to 10 business days for funds to arrive. Customers should consult the Deposits & Withdrawals section of the Lexatrade website for details about withdrawal times.

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The default it the easyTrade but you can also switch to Day Trading as well as to trade the forward markets. Then, on the main user interface you have a pretty well laid out and intuitive platform. You have all of your markets on the left, the order forms on the right, charts on the right and the live, pending and past orders in the bottom panel. One of the best ways to manage your risk when trading with high leverage is through the use of stop losses. At Lexatrade, you have the benefit of a free Guaranteed stop losses.

Another condition offered as a standard feature on Lexatrade accounts, this ensures you are protected when you trade. The minimum deposit required to begin trading with Lexatrade is AUD 200 or $25 & you can trade commodities, agriculture, metals, Forex, and other stocks.

Thanks to WEALTHWATCHS, com that assisted me in recouping my money back from easy markets. They block all negative reviews especially on trustpilot and deceive people with the fake positive reviews. While it brings some special value for the new traders, its feature list also keeps all the advanced traders in a favorable situation. Things like automation are also possible with a lot of other smart features. On top of everything, Lexatrade brings a new account bonus for people from different parts of the world. All of these goodies along with the list of unique features and benefits make Lexatrade better than others. Unlike most of the trading platforms, things are pretty organized here.

However, for those just getting into crypto trading, we’d advise against buying and owning the underlying assets as it can be volatile. Moreover, if you’re new to crypto trading, having too much choice could be a hindrance. That being said, there are advantages to owning the underlying crypto asset. If you’re interested in owning the underlying asset, we recommend looking into mining software and the best cloud mining sites. Once you’ve made any profits and wish to withdraw them, you can do so without fees with Lexatrade. This means getting your hands on 100% of your profits which is always an advantage in our eyes here at

The firm since diversified its product collection to offer CFDs indices and commodities while expanding forex contracts as well as vanilla options . Deposit Methods Forex Deposit Methods Discover which deposit methods smart forex traders use to make deposits and withdrawals in their accounts. Risk Warning – Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs.

Mobile Platform Review

This is not expected to happen while trading with Lexatrade. Another interesting Lexatrade tool is “Inside Viewer”, a market sentiment indicator that presents insights on other traders’ preferences on the market at any particular moment. Inside Viewer is present by default on the interface of the web-based platform of Lexatrade. To provide supplementary protection for its clients’ funds, Lexatrade has implemented segregated accounts measures. If you’d like to trade forex or are thinking of switching brokers, read this article for Benzinga’s picks for the best forex brokers. Beginners can take advantage of a large variety of educational material and videos, which include tutorials and basic one-on-one education.

The broker closes the trade once the price reaches that level. Much like the desktop platform, the Lexatrade lexatrade forex brokers reviews mobile application has plenty of useful trading features and tools to offer on both iOS and Android.

  • The customer support team at Lexatrade is comprised of highly professional individuals.
  • If you’re interested in owning the underlying asset, we recommend looking into mining software and the best cloud mining sites.
  • You can cancel an order even after the trade has already been activated, then there are many forex currencies and options and futures.
  • It also provides fixed spreads unlike other Forex brokers who also offer fixed and variable ones.

The unlimited trading potential makes sure that you can trade whenever and wherever you want. Client support at Lexatrade is proficient, resourceful and multilingual. The agents are available 24/7 to tackle even most complex issues. You can contact the customer support by using email, phone numbers, live chat, Viber, and Messenger. However, consider the client support agents as the last resort, because the broker developed several FAQ sections tailored for covering the most common issues.

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They usually resolve customer issues as fast as they can, which is essential for financial traders to trade efficiently. Many reputable brokers place a lot of emphasis on providing responsive and professional customer support to all of their clients. It is natural to encounter problems during trading every now and then. Having an active customer support team makes it easier for traders as their issues are resolved almost instantly. The customer care agents at Lexatrade are very friendly and professional.

Also, when you have the VIP account you have the lowest spreads on offer at Lexatrade. You will also have access to real time market updates sent through SMS. Our Lexatrade review was primarily focused on exploring how a trader can benefit from using the brokerage. And to our surprise, the broker has raised the bar with its exceptionally lexatrade forex brokers reviews innovative trading tools and specifications. Once you start trading with it, there is no reason to stop or move on with something else. No one wants to lose money by trading in an unfavorable market. This risk-management feature enables you to choose the level of risk you are comfortable with before placing an order.